Special Journal Issue Features Findings on Employment of People with Disabilities

Mar 06, 2017

Cover image Journal of Vocational RehabilitationA special volume of the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, How Individual and Environmental Factors Affect Employment Outcomes, is now available.   

The volume disseminates findings from six studies examining employment of individuals with disabilities. The studies examine the barriers and facilitators to employment faced by individuals who have engaged with state vocational rehabilitation agencies for employment services.

The special issue is a product of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Individual-Level Characteristics Related to Employment Among Individuals with Disabilities (IC-RRTC). The IC-RRTC, funded by the National Institute for Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) is a collaboration between Kessler Foundation, the Center for Essential Management Services, Cornell University, the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR), Mathematica Policy Research, and the University of New Hampshire.

Guest editors for the special issue are Purvi Sevak, Mathematica; David C. Stapleton, Mathematica; and John O’Neill, Kessler Foundation.


How Individual and Environmental Factors Affect Employment Outcomes 
Purvi Sevak, David C. Stapleton, and John O'Neill

"What Have We Learned Using Merged Administrative Data from the Social Security Administration and the Rehabilitation Services Administration?" 
David Stapleton and Frank Martin

"Transitions and Vocational Rehabilitation Success: Tracking Outcomes for Different Types of Youth"
Todd Honeycutt, Frank Martin, and David Wittenburg 

"Impairment, Demographics and Competitive Employment in Vocational Rehabilitation"
John O'Neill, Walter Kaczetow, Joseph Pfaller, and Jay Verkuilen

"Using Administrative Data to Explore the Employment and Benefit Receipt Outcomes of Vocational Rehabilitation Applicants Years After Program Exit"
David R. Mann, Todd Honeycutt, Michelle S. Bailey, and John O'Neill 

"Personal Characteristics of Vocational Rehabilitation Applicants: Findings from the Survey of Disability and Employment"
Angela  Eckstein, Purvi Sevak, and Debra Wright

“Variations in Social Capital Among Vocational Rehabilitation Applicants"
Debra L. Brucker, Amanda Botticello, John O’Neill, and Ann Kutlik