Reengaging Respondents after Receipt of an Incentive to Reduce Item Nonresponse: When Is the Best Time to Reengage? (Presentation)

Publisher: New Orleans, LA: American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference
May 19, 2017
Jaimie Grazi, Andrews Hurwitz, Erin Panzarella, and Martha Kovac

Key Findings:

  • Limited success. We reduced item-non response and turned 13% or 11 of 83 cases into completes.
  • We obtained missing information at similar rates for those missing 3 vs. 2 items. More mothers provided missing health insurance information than Social Security number. This did not differ between those who previously gave health insurance name and those that didn’t.
  • In terms of timing of re-contact, we obtained the highest percentage of missing information from cases we re-contacted between 19 and 24 weeks after the initial item-level refusal out of a span of 7 – 28 weeks. 
Reports on findings from a case study on reducing survey item non-response with a monetary incentive and telephone follow-up.